Jake Hart, son and grandson of internationally renowned artists David and Pro Hart, has seen a lifetime of creativity.

Born in 1992, Jake was immediately thrown into the culture and mind of the art world. While constantly surrounded by a wealth of skill and knowledge at home, he also picked up studying art at school, and continued with it until graduating. After finishing, he left to study at a private design college; from there he went on to work as a graphic designer. Most recently he landed the title of Creative Director at a well-established Company in Brisbane. At just 21, Jake is proving himself a force in the creative industries.The Identity series is his breakout as a professional artist. It sees him working with his own designs printed on canvas, followed by a hand-touch that is unique to each piece. The series is an in depth exploration of the human condition; expressing an understanding of the pursuit of identity as a quintessentially human trait. The urban style is a launchpad for scenes that embody “the desire to be more than just a number”.