The Hart Legacy

For Decades the Hart name has been synonymous with fine art and is recognised as Australia’s most well known art family. Starting with Pro Hart, (Jake’s Grandad) who revolutionised the Australian art industry and the world with his unique painting techniques and extraordinary pieces. Pro not only paved the way for the Hart legacy but the Australian art community, opening the art world’s eyes, showing the world that art is more than just scribbles and splashes of paint –  a reflection of his faith and a statement of his passion and belief.

David Hart (Jake’s father) was introduced to creativity at a young age. Growing up in a home that fostered creativity, David watched his father at work and first put paint on canvas whilst still in nappies. Encouraged by Pro, his dad David learned to explore his creative interests, dabbling in pottery, sculpting, enameling, casting and welding. David’s skills grew in popularity, exhibiting throughout Australia.

David has built a strong following of collectors and investors and his determination has helped him to rise, becoming one of Australia’s most renowned artists, following in his Dads footsteps.

Born into Australia’s art royalty in 1992, Jake was exposed to the culture and mindset of the art world. Jake has developed his own style continuing the Hart tradition  From a young age, Jake  assisted his father and grandfather David Hart and Pro hart with their artworks, exposing dreams and creativity that would birth incredible and innovative artworks. Jake is well sought after and is a successful Artist. Jake’s “Identity” series is his breakout as one of Australia’s up and coming artists,seeing him working with his own designs printed on canvas, followed by a hand-touch that is unique to each piece.