Tools and Method


Tools and method

A creative is never limited by his tools but by his or her imagination.
I’ve always believed in finding new techniques and methods to creating artworks regardless of how peculiar and strange it may seem. This may be from growing up watching my Dad (David Hart) and Pop (pro Hart) shoot paint out of cannons, ride bikes over artwork and through basketballs drenched with vibrant coloured paint.


Here is some insight into some of my most common tools. A dog brush, pallet knife, syringe, paint stir stick and a sponge. However I’m always discovering new tools and new ways of doing things.

I like to dedicate some days to just be creative and experimental and often I find that’s when I create some of my best work. Methods and planning is important but being too organised can take the joy out of being creative. Another trick I’ve learnt is to use some of your common tools differently. Doesn’t work all the time but sometimes you can create some really awesome techniques. For instance instead of dabbing at your canvas with a sponge, what if you dipped it in paint, drenched it in water and squeezed it vertically above the canvas? You could stumble upon a moment of pure genius or just a technique to not use again.

Sometimes you may only have a paintbrush or limited resource but rather than seeing it as a roadblock see it for what it is… an opportunity to create something that no one has even thought of. Think differently, experiment, refine.

I’ve been really thinking about this lately and thought it could be helpful for some creatives out there. The hard thing I find is that there’s no formula to this thing called art, just finding your way in the dark and hope you strike some light.